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We endeavor to providing accurate AI-based algorithms to cardiac electrophysiologists

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Leverage AI to revolutionize interventional cardiac electrophysiology

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Founded in 2016 in the south of France by three physicians and a data scientist, Volta Medical is a young med-tech company based in Marseille (France). Volta develops artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms intended for interventional cardiologists.

Volta started more than two years ago with building large databases. Today, Volta’s DNA is to develop user-friendly and cue-giving algorithms that are per-procedural guidance tools. Once in the operating room, they become a game-changing assistant for interventional cardiologists. As such, Volta’s products are a disruptive improvement from available technologies. Volta has already shown that its plug-and-play algorithms provide physicians with the guidance that they need to perform highly complex procedures.

The four co-founders have started with developing algorithms designed to guide interventional cardiologists in the treatment of atrial fibrillation, the most common arrhythmia. With VX1, Volta Medical’s first artificial intelligence software, the manipulation of mapping catheters, the analysis of highly complex electrograms and the treatment of complex arrhythmias are greatly facilitated.

Meet our Team

Julien Seitz

Chairman, Co-Founder

Clément Bars

Co-Founder, VP of Clinical Affairs

Jerome Kalifa

CMO, Co-Founder, VP US

Théophile Mohr Durdez

CEO, Co-Founder

Anthony Appetiti

Head of Sales EU

Anton Vorobev

Financial Director

Yoann Dutil

Quality Director

Denis Hansjacob

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Cardoso

Lead Data Scientist

Quentin Taburet

Data Scientist

Dinara Veshchezerova

Data Scientist

Thomas Boudou

Data Scientist

Philippe Tartaise

Lead Developer

Vianney Guesdon-Vennerie

Front–end Developer 

Didier Villevalois

Full Stack Developer

Paola Milpied

Clinical Research Director 

Sabrina Siame

Clinical Research Assistant

Audrey Balzano

Executive Assistant

Board Members

Julien Seitz

Chairman, Co-Founder

Julien is the acting Chief of the cardiac electrophysiology section at Saint Joseph Hospital (Marseille, France).

St-Joseph hospital is one of the three highest-volume ablation center in the country. This gave him many opportunities to think deep about what interventional cardiologists need most. Julien is well-known for his contributions to the field of electrogram-based ablation. He has published plenty of manuscripts in high-impact cardiology journals. He is a regular guest speaker, chairman at major conferences.

Since he started as an interventional cardiologist, Julien has been obsessed with making accessible any complex ablation approach to large numbers of colleague physicians. He started with conceptualizing multipolar-electrogram visual interpretation into a series of simple steps.

Since Volta was created, he used his in-depth experience to help design AI algorithms that provide simple but powerful cues to cardiologists.

Clément Bars

CMO, Co-Founder

Clément has devoted his career to refining his understanding of procedural work flows in the field of cardiovascular electrophysiology.

Clement has become a well-known expert at simplifying work flows, specifically as they pertain to atrial fibrillation catheter ablation.

His many contributions to the field of ablation could be summarized as “Do what you understand well, but keep it simple”.

He is regularly invited as a guest speaker or as a proctor in major hospitals in Europe, USA and Asia.

At Volta, he oversees the clinical evaluation of Volta’s algorithms. With more than 40 cardiac electrophysiologists visiting us last year alone, Clément has formed a large network of interventional cardiologists that cannot wait to try Volta’s algorithms.

Jerome Kalifa

CSO, Co-Founder

Both basic scientist and clinical electrophysiologist, Jérôme is based in the USA and currently Faculty at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.

Jérôme dedicated about two decades to translational and clinical research in cardiac electrophysiology.

He is a seasoned speaker, chairman and reviewer for cardiology journals and conferences. His research effort has focused on understanding atrial fibrillation mechanisms as they pertain to cardiac interventions.

His background in cardiac mapping, imaging, database management and catheter technologies helped us design Volta’s algorithms.

Jérôme’s knowledge of the US clinical landscape is helping Volta address the needs of US users.

Théophile Mohr Durdez

CEO, Co-Founder

Théophile grew up in France, Germany and Austria. Since his young age, he wanted to help his fellow humans with technology. Latter on, he studied at Ecole polytechnique (Paris), where he fell in love with Statistics, Machine and Deep Learning. There, he obtained a double degree with the Business School HEC (Paris).

His first accomplishment was to create a wheelchair controlled via eye-tracking for SLA disabled people. He then helped in solving complex geophysics with the use of differential equations.

In 2016, he co-founded Volta, where he was the architect and inventor of Volta’s algorithms. In 2017, Théophile received the Research Award from Ecole polytechnique for the algorithm that he developed at Volta. He is passionate about designing algorithms that can make a difference for operators and patients.

Bertrand Mas-Fraissinet

Board Member

Doctor of Medicine, hospital practitioner and specialist, Dr. Mas-Fraissinet has worked for 15 years as an intensive care paediatric anaesthetist at the Timone Children’s Hospital (Marseille, France).

Elected to the Board of Directors of Groupe Pasteur Mutualité (GPM) in June 2004, and re-elected since then, he currently holds the position of Chairman of the mutualist group “GPM Assurances” which designs and manages all life insurance solutions.

Futhermore, Dr. Bertand Mas-Fraissinet was appointed by the Executive Bureau of La République En Marche on December 17th, 2018 as the movement’s referent in the Bouches-du-Rhône region.

Denis Hansjacob


After more than 15 years as a high-level executive in the Biomedical Device Industry, Denis decided to join Volta to be part the next wave of technology designed for the operating room.

Denis has been Managing Director of St. Jude Medical for France. Then, he became Vice-President for the Benelux, Norway and Switzerland, where he led commercial operations. He has a unique understanding of marketing, sales and reimbursement mechanisms.Denis is helping Volta’s products spread quickly in Europe and the USA.

Also, Denis is shaping the future of biomedical devices revenue model. Denis is the proponent that AI is the way to generate large profit margins on legacy biomedical device markets.


Philippe Halfon

Corporate Advisor

Philippe is the founder of several biotech companies including ACTgene, Alphabio, and GenosciencePharma. Philippe was recently appointed as Associate Professor at Paris Medical College and is a practitioner at the European Hospital in Marseille.

Eric Moulines

AI Advisor

Professor at the “Centre de mathématiques appliquées de l’École polytechnique (CMAP, UMR École polytechnique/CNRS)”, Eric Moulines was recognized for his work by being appointed a member of the Académie des sciences at the plenary meeting on December 5th, 2017.

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